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Let SSS Korea be your consulting partner for Korea REACH

K-REACH will have a significant impact on non-Korean manufacturers and exporters who intend to manufacture or export of chemical substances or products containing hazardous chemical substances, because the existing as well as new chemical substances are subject to registration under K-REACH before manufacturing or export to Korea. The scope of K-REACH is:

  • New chemical substances irrespective of volume.

  • Designated existing chemical substances subject to registration more than 1 ton / year.

  • Hazardous chemical substances: toxic substances, substances subject to authorization, restricted and prohibited substances.

  • Products containing hazardous chemical substances.

Similar to EU-REACH, the non-Korean manufacturer or producer exporting chemical substances or products containing hazardous chemical substances to Korea shall register the chemical substances or products under K-REACH. But to comply with the regulations of K-REACH regarding reporting, registration, communication in supply chain and product notification, non-Korean manufacture or producer shall appoint a qualified Only representative (OR) to fulfill the obligation under K-REACH. According to the Supplementary Rules of K-REACH, the appointed OR shall declare his appointment or change by non-Korean manufacturer or producer to the Korean Ministry of Environment (MoE). The OR shall be registered in Korea as a Korean business entity with a business address in Korea. Therefore, the OR may play a very important role through representing non-Korean manufacturer or exporter to comply with the all requirements, ease the hurdles and implement the compliance procedure under K-REACH. The tasks of OR under K-REACH are:

  • Yearly report of quantity, use and change of new chemical substances and the existing chemical substances more than 1 ton/year (Article 8 of K-REACH)

  • Application for registration of new chemical substances and the existing chemical substances subject to registration more than1 ton/year (Article 10 of K-REACH)

  • Application for confirmation of registration exemption of chemical substances (Article 11 of K-REACH)

  • Declaration of changes of quantity, usage, hazard and risk of the registered chemical substances (Article 12 of K-REACH)

  • Shared use of existing data for registration application (Article 29 & 30 & 35 of K-REACH)

  • Declaration of product containing hazardous chemical substances (Article 32 of K-REACH)

  • Application for confirmation of declaration exemption of products containing hazardous chemical substances (Article 32 of K-REACH)

  • Compliance with safety and labelling standards for product of concern over risk (Article 34 & 36 of K-REACH)

We have a dedicated team of over 40 professionals that cover range of regulatory issues, such as chemistry, toxicology, ecotoxicology, chemical policy and regulation, compliance management, and legal interpretation. Our ambition is to provide efficient and cost effective Compliance solutions to all our clients, and contribute to a safer chemical management in entire supply-chain, and including operations such as manufacturing, transport, handling, storage, application/use, and disposal.